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First Time Homebuyer Programs in Illinois

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Are you a first time homebuyer searching for a brand new home located in Illinois, the Prairie State? Housing with no waiting list illinois ,  If you’re thinking of buying an apartment located in Illinois’ Windy City or starting a family in the suburbs of the Midwest, Illinois is a ideal place to begin your journey to homeownership.

If you’re planning to purchase your first house in Illinois There’s lots of assistance from local and state homeownership assistance programs. These programs are designed to assist those who are first-time home buyers with everything from assistance with down payments to getting a low-interest mortgage as well as closing cost assistance, and tax credits.

It’s worth looking into approval. If you are eligible in one or two of the programs that could provide you with the cash advantage you need to purchase a house.

Find out what these opportunities are as well as their eligibility requirements along with how you apply.

Who is a first-time homeowner in Illinois?

A first-time homeowner in Illinois is anyone who has never owned a house. In most local programs, you’re considered a first-time homeowner who hasn’t owned any home within the last three years.

FEMA helps individuals and families whose homes are damaged by presidentially declared disasters. We can help with other assistance needs, such as child care needs, medical expenses, or disaster cleanup needs.

FEMA does not provide assistance for small businesses that are affected by a disaster. Our partner agency, the  US Small Business Administration (SBA) , offers low-interest loans to cover business damages. We also do not offer housing assistance for second homes; only offered for primary residence.

FEMA can provide assistance for items  not  covered by insurance for homeowners and renters.

You cannot receive assistance from both the insurance company and FEMA for the same damages. That would be illegal and is called insurance fraud.


FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program may provide the types of assistance listed below.

  • Temporary Housing Assistance: Financial assistance provided to homeowners or renters to rent a temporary place to live if their home was made uninhabitable due to the disaster, and insurance does not cover temporary housing. In the event rental properties are not available, as a last resort, a government housing unit may be provided in some areas.

If you’re approaching the three-year point it could be worthwhile waiting to be able to apply again for one program with this warning.

There’s also a positive aspect. The programs offered by the state can be used by first-time and returning homebuyers. If you’re already a homeowner The programs of the Illinois Housing Development Authority are open to all.

Always, when doing research, be sure to take note of the small detail. Also, be sure to read the restrictions that are listed below.

State Homeownership Assistance Programs

The Illinois Housing Development Authority has various aid programs throughout the state. In the state, more than 10% of first-time homebuyers utilize the IHDA programs listed below to get closer to homeownership. It is important to note that repeat homebuyers can also avail every one of IHDA’s mortgage programs.

You’re eligible if you have at minimum $1,000 of student loan debt to fund your post-secondary education college or university.

Homebuyers must have the property to be their principal residence. and have at least a credit score of 640 and have completed a homeownership training program prior to the closing.

The programs are offered all over Illinois. They’re very generous. it is only necessary to put $1000 of your own money for access to the majority the programs. They are specifically designed to aid those who are buying a home with student loans or with low-to-moderate household incomes and those in need of assistance with an initial down payment.

Here is a complete description of each program as well with the complete requirements and application information from the official IHDA website.

IHDA Opening Doors Mortgage Program

IHDA’s Opening Doors Mortgage Program offers up to $6,000 of down payment and closing cost assistance . The loan will be paid back monthly over 5 years. The loan will not have to be repaid. Financial aid is provided with the possibility of a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage that is set at a fair interest rate.

The program is applicable to first-time homebuyers and those who have a history of buying. You’ll have to pay either $1,000 or percent of the price of your property or more, and you’ll have to be within the thresholds for income and price .

The homebuyer must live there as their principal residence. Additionally, they must be able to show at least a credit score of 640 and have completed an education in homeownership before closing. It can be done either online and in person.

Click here to apply via one of the IHDA Partner lender.

For more information , follow them on their Twitter page

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