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Simple drawing ideas for beginners

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There are many approaches and methods that you can use to develop different design ideas and techniques. However, a simple approach is to draw simple basic topics, objects, and cool drawing ideas. This article contains a complete list of simple design ideas that you can try when you are new to drawing.


Drag ideas for beginners

If you think about things that are easy to draw, you must make significant decisions on how to draw and display your topic. Still life of the ideas of life of life


Get an egg

Alternatively, pull a set of eggs into a bowl. It is a practical way to draw an egg with a soft class graphite pin. Focus on the presentation and presentation of the three-dimensional form of the egg and develop your completed shading capabilities.



Cool drawing ideas of a spring focusing on individual details and details of the pin. Use a fine line; they represent the different parts of the pen.


Apple or fruits.

An apple can be drawn in different ways. A method is a blind outline drawing of the outlines or the contour of the apple. An alternative approach is to draw a bowl of fruits in which different forms can be overlapped, I love these ideas.


Cubistic still life

Drawing Cubist Tutorial Still Life

If you are interested in drawing ideas from the dead life, you should complete a cubistic drawing of the dead life. Reduce the reservation of its basic geometric forms and draw alternative views.


A set key

This is another simple option if you plan to develop a series of drawing styles. Continuous drawing or development of negative rooms in a drawing composition and exploration of the subject.


A pair of shoes

A continuous drawing could be used to draw a few shoes. Focus on various ways to draw shapes and rhythms created by shoe lists and also draw the fine details seen on the surface by the worn leather. Read this drawing tutorial.


Table lamp

Learn how to draw a shady drawing in your sketchbook that focuses on the dark values ​​of the sound created by the flowing shadows of a table lamp on a table. Try to draw the shape of objects and flowing shadows formed by a table lamp. Learn the secret of shading.


Old pair of boots

This topic can take the form of a complete pencil drawing from the surface of the worn leather boots. Center to represent the disturbances of the outside of leather, laces, and brands with the sound in the graphite.


Draw a library

A library is a planning everyday object that could take the shape of a scenic pencil study. Organize and position the books in different ways to create visual interest. The books can be stacked carefully or pushed side by side to create a tempo.


Still life with bottles

How do you draw a simple nature drawing?

It is a traditional topic that can be developed with a variety of methods and drawings. Use the base of the table for stability and organize the basic forms of objects. A contour drawing or a tonal sketch can be used to draw this topic. Look at my drawing tutorial in the above video.


Draw children’s toys

Drawing ideas based on imaginative shapes and brightly colored children’s toys are an excellent choice for a color integrated into different media. Color pencils or pencil history are excellent decisions to develop their drawings.


A piece of cake.

Drawing ideas that children like to draw to draw be generated in a variety of mixed media and sound techniques. It is a simple drawing that children will appreciate that it is a mixed media crop with a colored pencil.



Individual and simple glasses or shows are ideal for making blind outline drawings or crossed lateral drawings. Concentrate on the shape of the frame, the lens, and the glass. Also, grab a look at the reviews.


Make a table

The tables are a recurring theme in the tradition of still life. They are perfect for organizing many different types of objects that can go as flowers on bottles and jugs. All these ideas are suitable for linear drawings in a variety of techniques.



Children’s toys can offer great motivation for color studies and sketches.

Focus on the rendering with color pencils, these are ideal as they can be superimposed and mixed to produce impressive results when they are new to rendering the color pen.



Musical instruments are particularly sufficient to produce fresh draw compositions obtained from simplified forms or forms combinations. It would inspire great inspiration for linear drawings that flow in the pen or ink.



Continue with the topic of musical inspiration and linear drawings. The guitar would when it is positioned in different ways, be an excellent source of inspiration for a cubic composition or a tonal drawing.

Focus on overlapping forms and integrated views.



The Volin is an excellent object for modeling the shape and shape with shadows and hue. Use Willow Charcoal or Graphite Stick to draw and emphasize the form and style of the violin in different aspects.


Vase with flowers.

The flowers are a great topic because they can easily integrate and easily integrate the “mistakes” into their drawing without significantly associating the final result.


Glass-filled with water

As a beginner, you have to focus on a multi-ellipsis and an observed basic observation drawing.


Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is seasonal and many people decide during the Christmas season. There are several basic drawing methods you can represent a simple tree. The easiest way is to be a triangle drawn on a tree trunk. The information can then be added to the drawing to improve its entire appearance.



In this drawing, you can concentrate on the organization of brushes in different positions. Standing, flat, or standing in irregular combinations, pincers both large as well as small represent an excellent source of inspiration for the drawing.


Laundry unfolding

The wrinkles and folding clothing and clothing can make it valid under the mission. See and watch the shadows created by the different layers, textures, and surfaces to create drawings in a variety of media.


Chess piece

A chess piece is an idea of ​​fresh design for a shady tonal image. Shadow and value can be applied to the shape of the chess piece to describe the shape of the object.


The dramatic lighting can also be used to produce a strong use of direction shadow. You can also place different parts side by side to produce a negative space and interaction between different chess pieces.


Draw an old armchair

The character of former worn furniture makes an excellent choice for a tonal study or a color pencil design. The details of the texture and color can be combined to create an image from direct observation.



As a teacher, I know that the topic of cake and sweets can excite a class of small children. Make the color and decoration the center of your drawing. This topic is also ideal for growing in mixed multimedia drawings with texture and color paper.

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