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What Do You Think About The Ethicality Of The Diamond Making Process?

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Diamonds are one of the most precious gemstones in the world, and they’re mined in some pretty unusual ways that can seem almost barbaric by today’s standards. If you’ve ever wondered how diamonds get from their formation deep within the earth to their final resting place on your hand, though, you may have noticed that the process isn’t as simple as you might have guessed it would be. Diamond-making involves a lot of different steps, most of which have become more automated and streamlined over time.

First, Let’s Start With A History Lesson.

In 1873, diamond scanners were invented. These devices helped to increase production and higher yield in mines by using ultrasounds, which give off a certain frequency (vibration) with every color or shade that is assigned to diamonds. With all of these combined factors taken into account, they can perfectly separate them from unwanted materials. For example, when ore comes out of a mine, it contains lots of material including sand and water – neither of which is useful at all when trying to obtain diamonds. Using diamond scanners makes the entire mining process more efficient and less time consuming for miners who are just trying to make a living so that they can support their families.

Debeers’ Cartel.

The controversy surrounding Diamond Making Process production has been fueled by DeBeers’ Diamond Cartel. This is a system where DeBeers, owners of a majority share in most of the world’s diamond mines, sells diamonds in bulk to sight holders (large distributors) who in turn sell them to retailers and end users. Only sight holders are allowed to purchase directly from mine owners and can only resell on consignment. Retail shops or jewelry manufacturers must go through sight holders which keeps prices high because there is little to no competition between retailers since they’re required to buy diamonds at marked-up prices and cannot sell at market value. Sight holders also have an incentive to keep prices high because lower prices mean less profit for them. In addition, many sight holders have exclusive contracts with particular mines so even if someone wanted to find a cheaper source of diamonds they would be unable to do so. These practices lead some critics to accuse DeBeers of being an unethical monopoly that uses its power to keep supply low and drive up demand as well as price. They say that if everyone could freely buy their diamonds from whoever offered them at the lowest price then those people would choose not to support companies like Diyorabhanderi that fund rebel groups in Africa responsible for genocide and child labour exploitation among other crimes against humanity.

Do We Really Need Diamonds?

Diamonds have been called a girl’s best friend for a long time. They are one of those things that are a fashion necessity to some people and worthless to others. I know plenty of both kinds of people. If you’re in camp number one, diamonds don’t hold any sort of allure. If you find yourself in camp number two, though, then there’s no debate: we need diamonds! For example, take diamonds and their scarcity value—the fact that it’s difficult to get one without paying a lot for it—means that they are valuable items on international markets.

That makes them a very stable investment, which can be very important during times of economic uncertainty. So let’s just say that if you decide to buy your girlfriend or wife an engagement ring, it might be worth considering getting her something other than a diamond ring… but only if she isn’t into diamonds. If she is into them (and what woman isn’t?), then she’ll want nothing less than a Diamond Scanning Machine. probably nothing less than an expensive one at that! And if she’s anything like me, she’ll probably want more than just one as well… so maybe now’s not such a good time to ask her to marry you after all!

The Honest-To-Goodness Truth About Diamonds.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Nope. Diamonds are little more than shiny rocks. People often have some mistaken ideas about diamonds, namely that they’re rarer than other gemstones. (They aren’t.) Or that they’re difficult to find and mine. (Again, not true.) Well, diamonds are easy to find—the problem is that it takes a long time for them to form because it takes millions of years for carbon to crystallize into diamonds! That said, how exactly does one find diamonds? It all comes down to a diamond scanner like AMS or IDEX. These devices use X-rays to detect trace amounts of elements in soil samples. By looking at these elements, geologists can determine whether there might be diamonds below ground. Once found, miners dig up tons of dirt and then separate any diamonds using a high-pressure water stream called hydraulic jets. And if you want your sparkly rock? You can either purchase one online or head over to De Beers headquarters in London where they will let you pick out your diamond from their vault!

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