Leh Ladakh Bike Trip: Budget Guide

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

In Leh Ladakh Bike Trip, there are colorful staying options, not unlike Spiti it depends on your choice of comfort, preference, conditions, and circumstances. The price can range from Rs 125 to stay at a Dhaba. At Rs 250 – 500 stay at a low- cost hostel to Rs 700 – 1500 at average hospices to Rs 3000 and hospices that offer much further comfort etc. 

Total Budget Or Cost Of The Leh Ladakh Trip 

The same rule applies to food as well. It depends on you, what you want to eat whether it’s Pizza or Dal Bhaat or Roti Dal Fry, or Maggie/ Veg. Non-Veg. etc. Most important, where you want to eat and drink. basic average budget analysis for a Leh Ladakh tour grounded on the choice of accommodation and food by the majority of people.


Budget for the Ladakh Trip:

An introductory diary for the Leh Ladakh stint package from Delhi which covers all major sightseer spots of Leh Ladakh and is followed by numerous trippers. 

  •  Day 1 Delhi – Jammu/ Patnitop 
  •  Day 2 Jammu/ Patnitop – Srinagar 
  •  Day 3 Srinagar – Kargil 
  •  Day 4 Kargil – Lamayuru – Leh 
  •  Day 5 Local Sightseeing 
  •  Day 6 Khardung La – Diskit – Hunder – Diskit 
  •  Day 7 Hunder – Sumur – Panamik – Sumur 
  •  Day 8 Leh – Hemis – Pangong Tso vale 
  •  Day 9 Pangong Tso – Thiksey – Shey Palace 
  •  Day 10 Leh Rest Day or Sham Valley Tour around Leh includes Glamorous Hills, Gurudwara Pather Sahib, Alchi, Likir, Basgo, Convergence at Nimmu 
  •  Day 11 Leh – Tso Moriri from Chumathang 
  •  Day 12 Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Moore – Pang 
  •  Day 13 Sarchu – Manali 
  •  Day 14 Manali – Delhi 

 Accommodation Cost 

 You need 14 days to complete the whole trip, so roughly a Leh Ladakh bike trip costs around Rs 11500 – 14000 per person for food, accommodation, and other misc. expenditures. 

 Still, accommodation, and other misc., If you’re living in an average hostel with decent comfort and are traveling in a group also the average cost per day for food. effects like risk Naka, permit freights, entry freights to cloisters ,etc. come about Rs 800-1000 per day. 

 Rs800-1000, is a low budget and a little high depending upon the choice of stay and food or other conditioning you plan to do on your Ladakh trip. 

 Food Cost

Still, also the cost of the mess would come out to be around Rs 50-70 only per person, and for the same mess you eat at a Changsha road eatery in Leh also you’ll pay Rs 150 – Rs 170 per person or perhaps more, if you dine at a Dhaba roof. Likewise, in high- end cafes, the price of food will be high. People’s Submissive or Non-Vegetarian food preferences count with respect to food price, so take that factor into account as well. 

 Electric Cost 

The same thing applies to different conditioning, necessarily similar to risk, permit charges, entry freights, snacks, etc. you should also go paragliding, rafting, shopping, etc. 

Cost of Tone- Drive Private Vehicle 

Trip about 3300-3600 KMs for the Ladakh trip. So, if your bike gives you an average of about 25 km on an average in mountains and plains, also you’re looking for about Rs – for energy, If it gives less, also acclimate consequently to that. 

Drive But Rented Vehicle 

The energy cost is the same as for a one- drive private vehicle calculated over, but you’ll be adding the cost of bike/ auto rent as well. Generally, you get a decent bike in good condition at Rs 1200 – 1400 per day. It depends on the model of the bike you rent. 

Intimately Hired Taxi in Leh 

Outside Leh, hacks aren’t allowed to bat, and you’re always needed to hire a hack that belongs to Leh only. you’ll be hiring a private hack in Leh only to reach Leh and you’ll be using public transport. 

 you can come in a private hired hack from outside Leh. Or you’ll fly directly to Leh etc. Then you use public transport similar to the train to reach Jammu, JKSRTC motorcars to reach Srinagar, and also to Leh, take HPTDC motorcars to reach Manali from Leh and further to Delhi. 

Shared Taxi/ Public Transport and associates 

If You hire a private hack in Leh-Ladakh you can plan to travel by participating hacks which are run by stint drivers or join with other trip mates to partake in the cost. If you plan to travel to Ladakh by public motorcars also go down further vastly. At the same time, you need to stay for a longer period to acclimate to the schedule of these public motorcars which means an increase in lodging and food costs as well. 

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