Techpally allude Top Marketing Trends in 2022

Top Marketing Trends

Internet Top Marketing Trends is evolving day-by-day with the advances in technology and information technology.

Even for human behavior that’s changing, and the way things are done, there’s a need to study these changes and adapt your internet marketing strategies accordingly.

According to Techpally digital marketing agency, there’s no holistic approach when it comes to digital marketing, it all boil down to your objectives and your target customers.

Top Internet Marketing Trends that are less talked about

Marketing automation, voice search and user centricity – it never gets boring in online marketing and the year 2022 also offers exciting topics that you should definitely deal with.

Unfortunately, these trends are not usually talked about in internet marketing forums, and on social media, says chaktty.

However, they’ve come to stay and influence old approaches to online marketing.

Some are brand new, others are known from previous years. In our blog article you can find out which trends await you in 2022 in the online marketing world and how you can best prepare yourself.


According to Techpally CEO, Artificial intelligence is not a brand new topic, but it will gain more and more importance in 2022 and is therefore our first marketing trend.

In marketing in particular, automation as a software-based method for increasing efficiency and simplifying processes has long been an issue.

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Not only when we think of the automatic creation of blog posts or product pages in content marketing is an AI underway, it will also play a decisive role in SEA in 2022.

Performance managers can look forward to intelligent support, because algorithms will take on more and more tasks in Google advertising in the future.

Other areas where marketing automation is playing an increasing role include this e–mail marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), social media marketing and the creation of landing pages.


Probably the biggest trend for 2022 in SEO is Voice & Visual Search, i.e. the expansion of Google search functions for voice and image searches.

In the future it will be possible for users to upload images in the Google search and thus receive information on a specific product or service.

Searching via voice control is also becoming increasingly popular.

This function is particularly practical for the visually impaired on the one hand, but also for anyone else who would like to find out something on the side when looking at the screen is too risky, such as while driving a car.

It is therefore important for you to know both voice and visual search as a trend for 2022 and to take them into account when optimizing your website for SEO.


Would you like to really get off to a flying start with your company in 2022? No problem!

As a certified online marketing agency and with our many years of experience in the areas of SEO, SEA, email marketing, social media and content, we support you with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

In a first consultation, we will be happy to tell you which online marketing trends 2022 make sense for your company and how you can increase your sales efficiently.

Feel free to contact us, we look forward to seeing you!

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