Best Treks to do in Ladakh

Best Treks

Tourists to Best Treks Ladakh can enjoy some fantastic and interesting hiking opportunities. For those wanting action in the midst of hills and peaks, this Himalayan territory is a paradise. In Ladakh, there are numerous hiking alternatives ranging in complexity and length. Some hikes take 2 weeks to accomplish, while others can be accomplished in three days or less. Regardless, any of these journeys will provide you with lifelong experiences.

A simple walk is recommended for the first and groups visiting with children, while those seeking a more adventurous adventure can go for a longer route that crosses many peaks above 5000 meters or even attempts the climb of a 6000-meter mountain. 

Consider out our scheduled arrival excursions whether you’re a single traveler or a tiny handful looking to accompany a broader group.

Best Time

The months of May through October are ideal for climbing in Ladakh. Nonetheless, due to severe snow on mountainous routes throughout the wintertime, certain treks are only accessible from earliest July. The arrival of wintertime heralds the start of two annual treks in Ladakh, which take place from January to March. Some of the top treks in Ladakh are Chadar trek, the Snow Leopard trek, Markha valley trek, etc.

Rumtse to Tso Moriri Trek

Whenever you want to see some spectacular scenery, the Rumtse to Tsomoriri trip is for you. This is one of Ladakh’s best gorgeous and adventurous hikes. This week-long walk brings you across Changthang’s elevated plateau (Rupshu). The location boasts unique vistas, and you’ll pass over 6 peaks above 5000 meters to witness peaks of various shapes and colors. Despite being a chilly desert, Ladakh has several gorgeous lakes to attract tourists. You will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes on this trip.

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Alongside their flocks of pashmina sheep and yaks, the Changpa gypsies reside on the Changthang highland. They move 8 to 10 times a year, and the site of their campsite is not ever known beforehand. If you’re fortunate, you’ll run into the nomads maybe down the trail and be welcomed to have buttery tea within their yak wool tents. Korzok, the region ‘s greatest village, is Changpa’s principal community. This incredible walk comes to a close on the banks of Tso Moriri’s sapphire-blue lake. 

Chadar frozen river trek

The Chadar trek has now been considered the “next big trend” in Ladakh over the years, and it’s simple to see that because. The climbers’ endurance is tested as they walk 105 kilometers along the icy Zanskar river in consciousness conditions (-25 to -35 celsius). There aren’t many walks that travel past canyons with freezing cascades and follow an arctic route that transforms into a sky-mirror. The Chadar expedition has been documented in television, most notably in the BBC’s “Human Planet” documentary from 2011. The Chadar road serves as a lifesaver for Zanskar, which is isolated from the majority of the nation during the wintertime because of too much snow.

Snow Leopard Trek

The gorgeous snow leopard, one of several world ‘s oldest wild animals, can be found in Ladakh. In the months of February and March, the Hemis National Park hosts a Snow Leopard hike. Snow leopards, Tibetan wolves, Asiatic ibex, blue sheep, and Ladakh urials are among the creatures found in the Hemis Nature Reserve.

It’s not difficult to miss the secretive snow leopard in sub-zero weather. Perseverance is essential on these kinds of environmental adventures. Several people have seen snow leopards in optical scopes despite hours or even days of anticipation, and have even gone back home with photographs of the large cat taken on their smartphones. 

Spituk to Stok Trek

The trip through Spituk to Stok is ideal for people who are strapped for schedule but still wish to enjoy a pleasant trip in Ladakh. Halt at the 11th-century Spituk abbey, which belongs to the Gelugpa sect, for an optimistic beginning to the hike. 

After traversing the Indus, you’ll arrive in Zingchen, in which you will begin a two-hour climb to Rumbak.

It’s a lovely town lined with white buildings with wheat and sunflower meadows all around. At this hamlet, you can remain in a guesthouse. After staying the evening in Rumbak, climb to the summit of Stok La pass for a breathtaking glimpse of the snow-capped peaks. The sloped driveway downhill to Stok will provide you with certain unforgettable recollections. 

Starting from June through the end of October is the best season to visit. 

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