What is the cost of replacing a glass stovetop?

glass stovetop

glass stovetop  are popular due to their smooth surfaces, which offer your kitchen a fresh, clean, and modern look.

When not in use, they may be utilized as extra counter space, and they are much easier to maintain than gas or electric stoves because they do not have grates. However, this is easily damaged and may need to be replaced at times. So, how much is it going to cost to replace it?

Repairing a stovetop or cooktop typically costs between $50 and $200. An average oven range repair will cost a household between $50 and $200, according to HomeAdvisor.

The total cost of wiring and installing a typical electric cooktop is around $550, but the cost of installing a gas cooktop is between $650 and $1,000, depending on the pre-existing gas line.

While the glass-topped stove is designed to prevent damage from kitchenware, the cooktop may still be damaged or destroyed by accident due to gradual wear and tear from the cooktop’s heat.

This degradation may demand the replacement of the glass top in some circumstances. Unhook the stove from the wall to gain access to and disconnect the electric cooktop power cord. Raise the front edge of the glass stove top.

What exactly is a glass stovetop , and how much does it cost to replace one?

A cooktop is a smooth, flat cooking surface that is fitted with burners that make boiling, frying, and even simmering more practical and efficient. It is also known as a cooktop or a countertop stove.

A new gas cooktop that requires electrical modifications costs between $500 and $1,000 on average, with the majority of homes spending $650 to install a new stovetop that requires electrical modifications.

Although prices vary greatly, a simple electric cooktop installed may cost as low as $375 and a high-end induction stovetop put in a kitchen island can cost as much as $3,000, depending on the type.

Glass Stove Top Costs and Varieties

Smooth glass stovetop Electric

Because of its cheaper cost, electric radiant smooth top stove tops are more frequent than induction. Every model in our top 10 list features at least one high-output burner. The majority include expandable twin or triple components that allow you to shift between a large, high-power element and a small, low-power element within.

Cost: $800-$1000

Cooktop with Induction Heating glass stovetop

Electric induction cooktops use magnetic coils buried in the ceramic glass surface to quickly create heat that is directed directly to the pan, allowing for precise simmering and temperature control while cooking Write For Us Entertainment Blogs.

Cost: $1000-$1500

Gas Cooktop

If you want to cook with gas, we understand. Having a flame makes it easier to assess the heat, get a feel for it, and quickly go from one high setting to another low level.

The reaction speed is excellent, especially when compared to a smooth top. When you go from high to medium heat on a gas burner, the pot and the food within it notice very immediately.

Cost: $700-$3000

The Difference Between Replacing a Broken glass stovetop Top and Installing a Low-Cost Drop-In Cooktop

A cracked or shattered glass cooktop may shatter, posing a risk to electrical equipment. For your safety, it is suggested that you replace the glass cooktop.

To replace the glass cooktops, first unplug the stove and then detach the bolts that secure the cooktop to the stove’s base.

Then, take the cooktop out of the oven and set it aside. Replace the old one with the one you have on hand. When replacing the old one, follow the directions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Drop-in ranges differ a lot from the slide-in models as well as freestanding ranges. These seem like slide-in ranges. However, they’re mounted on a bottom cabinet or shelf and don’t touch the floor.

Furthermore, these ranges are typically hardwired into a junction box behind the range, not into an outlet. Due to their restricted availability, we will not suggest building a new kitchen to suit a drop-in range right now.

A cooktop above a wall oven may take up as much space while appearing and feeling built-in if you want a luxury option. Essentially, we don’t suggest replacing a drop-in range with another one right currently.

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