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You must be using a VPN! If you are not then you must start using one immediately without any more delay. Do you know how to use a VPN? Most people are not aware about how to use a VPN correctly. It is important to use it correctly. Else you obviously will not get the best out of it. In the following sections of this blog post let us explore few easy and smart tips to use the VPN correctly. Mastering these tips will help you in ways more than one in the long run.

These days it is easier to buy a VPN online. But it is more important in the first place to know why you need a VPN? A VPN is basically a privacy precaution for any online activity that you perform on wireless networks. These days incidents of online scams and other types of cyber crime are steadily rising. In this risky situation using a VPN is a smart way to stay safe from being a prey of cyber criminals. If you decide to sign up for a VPN service then you should first go through a list of say top ten VPN providers. Look into their pros and cons carefully before selecting the most suitable service provider. Once you have selected your service provider and made the subscription then you set up with your virtual private network or VPN. At this stage most people, who are not technically well-aware, think that is the end of the road and everything is sorted. But that is a grave mistake. With setting up of your virtual private network your task never ends. Rather till now you have only completed your first step into the world of VPNs.

In the following paragraphs let us explore few tactics to enhance the use of your VPN. Once you master these tactics you can use the VPN like any tech savvy individual.

Set your VPN up on a router

Do you know that one of the crucial things that you can do with your VPN account is setting it up on your home router? Once the set up is complete there is no need to install the VPN software on any of your devices unless obviously you use a public Wi-Fi. However it is important to note that every router does not support a VPN account. So you may have to buy a new router particularly for to accomplish this suggests an experts who deals in online VPN in the UK. Apparently this is an unnecessary expenditure. But in the long run bolstering your online privacy proves more beneficial than you can imagine. These days specific VPN routers are available in the market both online and offline.

There are other options to resolve the roadblock. It is possible setting up a computer as a dedicated VPN. It then connects your router and the modem. If the router and the modem is the same device, in that case the computer turned VPN connects your router to the other devices. There is a much better solution in form of a Raspberry Pi. By the way VPN routers are getting increasingly reasonable almost every day.

Do not go for free VPNs

VPN services that are free sounds great. But actually they are not. In contrast to paid VPNs the free versions seem to be a better alternative. But do you know with a free VPN you are still paying? Now you must be wondering how? Slower connection, less features or versatility and frequent adverts display based on the information you have signed up with are the different ways in which you pay for having a free VPN. It is relevant mentioning in this context that free VPNs do not support torrenting. The fact is though there are a few reliable VPNs for every platform or Operating System (including iOS, android and mac) yet you must avoid those.  These are the reasons why experts in the UK suggest buying VPN at all times rather than going for the fee versions.

For better value of money make annual only payments

It is possible to subscribe to a reliable VPN service with almost any budget within your affordability. Almost every VPN service allows users to pay monthly. But if you want a reasonable deal then you should pay downright annually. When you pay annually, that is for twelve months at one go, your cost will come down by at least 10%. It is worth paying that sum in advance. You can use your credit card, debit card as well as PayPal or any other similar service to make these payments.

A mobile VPN client is preferable

If you buy VPN in the UK then make sure to choose a mobile VPN client. Every VPN service provider does not offer a mobile client. When you subscribe to a provider go offers a mobile client then you can reap some added advantage. Accessing a public Wi-Fi without a VPN is massive risk. We all are more or less aware about it. So there is no point in explaining it further. A large number of shopping malls today are mobile internet blackspots. Therefore the only option you are left with is to access the public Wi-Fi that is on offer at those venues. Stores offer free Wi-Fi to potential customers with the intention of learning more about them. Public Wi-Fi can easily be hacked. Connecting to a public Wi-Fi is no risk for you when you activate your VPN’s mobile client.

VPN encryption should not drain the battery of your laptop

A virtual private network works on encryption. The encrypted data goes to the VPN server either from your device or your router. Then it lands on the destination website unencrypted (it can be encrypted though if you are using a HTTPS service). According to experts who do not prefer free VPN online in the UK encryption may take a toll on the performance of your laptop battery. Similarly when you run a VPN client on your handheld mobile device it can drain the battery of your tablet or smartphone big time. There is no point in letting the battery drain out faster than usual. Is there any solution?

Use a portable battery solution to recharge your device when you are using your VPN or right after. Charging batteries regularly is never a good idea. But in this case it is a trade off between your safety, security and privacy versus convenience point out cyber security experts at Softwareland.

Know how to use your VPN software properly

There is hardly any benefit when you subscribe to a VPN service, install the software and then leave it to run on its own. It is important to access your virtual private network to reap so many benefits. You can dodge government censorship as well as keep all your torrent activities private. A VPN even contributes handsomely to online gaming. Usually these benefits can be enjoyed only when you switch to a particular server. Here is a small example; to access region-blocked streaming content you need using a server that is based in any appropriate country.

If you want to buy VPN online, the cost in the UK starts from £32.48 at Softwareland. To cut a long story short, gaining increasing familiarity with your VPN is crucial. It enables you to enjoy the entire range of features better.

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