Trekking the Hampta Pass: A Complete Guide


The Hampta Pass trip, which connects the enchanting mountains of Kullu as well as Lahaul, is a popular track among trekkers. The trip, which starts in Manali and takes you through several remote hamlets, is full of breathtaking scenery that will captivate visitors. This walk is genuinely mesmerizing because of the extraordinarily heavenly beauty of nature, as well as the sightings of rare Himalayan birds plus flora such as orchids. Starting at 14,100 feet in Manali, this trip will take you past beautiful alpine meadows and glaciers on its way to the Hampta Peak and also the magical Chandratal Lake. Along with rock-strewn territory, pine woods, glacial basins, canals, and vast paddocks, this enthralling trekking trip offers spectacular views of birds, flowers, and stunning sceneries.

Best time to visit hampta pass

The foggy weather alongside winter weather mountains in this altitude location, located in Himachal Pradesh’s Himalayan ranges, provides for a generally cool environment all year. The months of June to September are the greatest for this trekking Hampta Pass trek as the weather is ideal for high altitude hiking. Although hiking is possible in other months, it is not recommended because of the erratic and unpredictable weather. In the winter, temperatures here drop below freezing, making hiking a nirvana for trekkers. However, with somewhat milder days from June and August, hiking here is a heaven for trekkers.

Ways to reach

This thrilling excursion is a must-do for everyone who enjoys adventure. The expedition begins at Manali’s starting point. Manali may be reached by rail, road, or air. Fly into Bhuntar Airport, which is 52 kilometres from Manali, then take a standard cab to your beautiful location. Large cities including New Delhi as well as Chandigarh are well connected to the Bhuntar Airport. If you choose to go by vehicle, the scenic winding roads that lead to Manali via Delhi would take you 12-14 hours. On a daily basis, several Volvo including luxury buses operate between these routes. Although aircraft and buses seem to be more convenient ways to reach your gorgeous destination, the nearest railway is Joginder Nagar Station, which is 166 kilometres from Manali. 

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This incredible journey begins in Manali and continues through many enchanting landscapes to the mystical Balu Ka Ghera, which is supposed to be home to brown bears who hibernate here during the winter. Because of the desolate dust and sand that collects here, it’s also known as ‘Heaps of Sand.’ Balu Ka Ghera, at an altitude of 11,900 feet, provides an embryonic view of something like the Dhauladhar Ranges. This will be your trek’s base camp because it is here that you will cross over Hampta Pass and arrive at Chandratal Lake. This location will enrapture you with its lovely offers, which include stunning stone bridges, swift-flowing streams, and a natural collection of flowers.

Elevation points that you have to visit

This fantastic trekking adventure offers breathtaking views of something like the Hampta Mountain and Chandratal Lake. Beginning your journey at Manali at 2050 metres, you will travel by road to Jobri, which will bring you to Chika at 3100 metres. The walk will lead you to the Base Camp at 3600 metres, Balu Ka Ghera. Trek across the Hampta Pass, that sits at an incredible elevation of 4268 metres, and towards Siagoru at 4000 metres, all while taking in the beautiful scenery. After passing through Chatru at 3100 metres, you will reach the magnificent Chandratal Lake, which reaches a towering height of 4270 metres.



Manali, Himachal Pradesh’s famed town nestled among the Himalayan Mountains, is a popular tourist destination known for more than simply trekking. In ancient times, nomad hunters lived in the valley, followed later herders and merchants, with fruit orchards dominating the landscape today. The well-defined snow-capped mountains and sparkling waters of the Beas Valley Area provide an amazing trip experience. The ‘Switzerland of India’ serves as a gateway to a variety of adventure activities in Leh, Spiti.


After a series of hairpin curves on the route from Manali towards Jobri, you entrance in Chika, a lovely tiny village, will signal the start of your incredible journey. Chika, at 3100 metres above sea level, is a picture-perfect site with lush flora, massive boulders, green meadows, fast rivers, and beautiful waterfalls. Along with lush alpine forests, the trail is densely forested with deodar, oak, maple, and chestnut trees. The verdant valleys with a stunning perspective of the Rani Nullah are a breathtaking sight to see. On the way to Chika, you’ll see a variety of snow-capped mountains beyond the riverbeds, which provides for a fantastic campground. 

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