Why Tally on Cloud is the Best Alternative for QuickBooks?


Tally on Cloud or Tally Prime on Cloud is a potential solution for QuickBooks users who are searching for accounting software that provides a seamless accounting experience and comprehensive functionalities, especially when QuickBooks is shutting down its operations.


Tally ERP or Tally Prime on Cloud can offer a similar range of features to QuickBooks, allowing businesses of any size to manage their operations effectively. Additionally, Tally on Cloud provides remote accessibility and real-time data synchronization, which further simplifies the accounting process.


Tally on Cloud vs QuickBooks: Key Differences





Tally on Cloud

Size of Businesses Served

QuickBooks is designed primarily for small businesses, startups, and independent contractors.

On the other hand, Tally on Cloud caters to businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises.

Users Allowed

QuickBooks limits the number of users per organization to 25.

Tally on Cloud, on the other hand, doesn’t limit the number of users that can access the platform.

Platforms Available

QuickBooks has a mobile application with its web platform.

Tally on Cloud, on the other hand, is accessible on Mac, Web, Windows OS, and any device with internet connectivity.


While QuickBooks is primarily focused on bookkeeping services

Tally on Cloud provides a comprehensive solution that includes advanced inventory control and project management features.


QuickBooks has the ability to integrate with a variety of applications, including e-commerce platforms.

Tally does not offer pre-built integrations and may require the development of custom integrations by third-party developers.



Why Are QuickBooks Users Switching to Tally on Cloud?


With QuickBooks shutting down, businesses are searching for a reliable accounting software alternative. Tally on Cloud is gaining popularity due to its many advantages and features. Tally on Cloud suitable for small businesses to large enterprises. Cloud Tally presents a wide range of features and benefits, including:



Tally on Cloud offers scalability, making it a versatile accounting software that can easily handle

the accounting needs of small businesses to large enterprises.


Security with Cloud-Based Tally:

Cloud-based Tally provides robust security features to protect financial data.


User-Friendly Interface:

Tally’s intuitive interface is user-friendly and accessible, even for those without accounting expertise.


Multi-User Collaboration:

Tally Cloud enables teams from different locations to collaborate on financial data in real-time via Tally based VM.


24/7 Customer Support:

Cloud-based Tally provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues or concerns.


Customizable for Unique Needs:

Tally on Cloud is highly customizable to fit any business’s accounting needs. It can track inventory, generate invoices, manage payrolls, handle tax compliance, and more.


User Permission Management:

Tally provides user permission management features that assign different levels of access to different users; this controls access to sensitive information and prevents unauthorized access.


Remote Printing:

With Tally on Cloud, you can print documents remotely on local printers from anywhere. It saves time and effort, especially when you need to print documents from multiple locations.


Remote Access:

Tally on Cloud provides remote access to your software and real-time data, enabling you to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.


Any Device Access:

Tally on Cloud is accessible from any device, including laptops, tablets, and PCs. You can access Tally on the go, from any web-enabled device or OS, including Mac, and mobile devices.


Auto Backup:

Tally on Cloud’s automatic backup feature saves businesses from the hassle of manual backup. Your data is recoverable in case of any data loss or system failure.




Tallystack’s Tally on Cloud is the perfect QuickBooks alternative. As QuickBooks is shutting down, Tally on Cloud provides a seamless solution for users to migrate their data and continue their accounting operations without interruption. We offer secure hosting on our cloud computing platform for your Tally software and license. Contact us today for a free consultation or demo of Tally on Cloud.

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