6 Impressive Dental Implant facts you should know

Dental implants are a new-age treatment for smile improvement. It is a revolutionary dental treatment procedure that solves the problem of missing tooth. In simple words, the procedure involves holding the false teeth right in the empty sockets of your jawbone. Unlike other conventional procedures for missing tooth or teeth, it provides a permanent, life-long solution. Implanted tooth or teeth not only look like but also feel and function like the natural ones. Therefore you can obviously conclude the treatment is exceptionally popular all over the world and the UK is no exception.

If you want to undergo this treatment, you first get yourself checked by a dentist who handles invisalign cases. The oral health practitioner will examine your mouth and the teeth thoroughly to ascertain whether the treatment is suitable for you. You must have ample jawbone and strong healthy gums to qualify for the treatment.

Meanwhile let us explore few interesting facts about this cutting-edge tooth-loss solution. These facts will help you take informed decision.

Exceptionally high rate of success

As far as any medical procedure is concerned and not just dental alone, implants treatment has an exceptionally impressive success rate. A hip replacement surgery usually has 90% success rate which is high by any standard. Compared to that success rate implant procedures is often as high as to range between 95 and 98%. Considering its spellbound success rate practically there is no reason why one should not take this treatment or keep avoiding it.

The implants technology is not really new

Tooth implants have existed in the human society across the ages. The early man made dental dentures are from animal and human teeth. These evidences have existed since the prehistoric days of 700BC. In the recent times both implants and dentures have a huge demand. The very first titanium implant dates back to the mid 1960s. In easier words this amazing dental procedure is not exactly new.

Unparallel in durability

On average an individual uses dental implants for anywhere around 18 years. But this figure can be much higher when proper care and attention are given to the replacement tooth or teeth. Interestingly, it does not require Himalayan effort to care for your implants. Just you regular oral hygiene regimen is enough to make your implants last for decades together. However you must brush and floss the teeth properly every day. Rinse the mouth well with a medicated mouthwash once daily. You have to be vigilant about harmful plaque build-up in the mouth. Use fluoride toothpaste throughout the year if you have not been recommended some other product by your dentist. All these efforts will ensure durability to your implants.

Influence of local anaesthesia during the invasive surgical procedure

The implant treatment is thoroughly invasive. The tiny rod made from a biocompatible metal is surgically drilled into the empty socket of your jawbone. However you do not need worrying about any discomfort during the procedure. The surgery is almost painless as you will be administered with local anaesthesia before the surgery. Thus you will be completely aware about the happenings but will not have to feel a thing. At the post surgical stage you will be given analgesics or pain-killers to keep the pain away. If you are an anxiety patient and suffer from unnecessary stress before undergoing a treatment, your dentist along with the support team can help you get over anxiety and feel free before starting the procedure.

Absolutely impossible to tell the difference

There is absolutely zero chance for anyone to make out that you have implants in your mouth. Necessary care is taken to match the implant with the rest of your natural teeth. As a matter of fact, implants look strikingly similar to the original teeth. In fact the two could hardly appear any more similar. Moreover implants exert the same strength as your normal teeth. Thus teeth implants remain your little secret forever and ever.

Hundreds and thousands of implant cases are performed all over the world each year

Implants treatment is safe and effective. It is the most practical and feasible solution to the problem of missing or lost teeth. The procedure is overwhelmingly popular all over the world. In the UK alone several thousands of cases are performed every year. The figures are steadily going up almost at exponential rate. According to a rough estimate implants surgery on the lower jaw alone counts over 10,000 a year. Now if you add the number of cases for the upper jaw, you will see how popular and trusted this dental procedure is.

In dentistry, no success is achieved by chance. Before getting the implants fitted, your dentist will fully brief you about all the relevant details and instructions. The oral healthcare specialist will also keep you posted about the procedure involving fitting of the implant rod into the jawbone at the same time. A dentist renowned in Smile Clinic London for successful Single dental implant in London suggests if you suffer from tooth or teeth loss do consider implant treatment to provide a permanent solution to the problem.

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