Mattress sales for 9/11 cause anger in the media

Mattress sales

Mattress sales SAN ANTONIO – A northwest San Antonio store is in the center of the storm following the posting of an online video which has angered hundreds people. Find free beds near me.

The video was shared on the page on Facebook of the mattress retailer Miracle Mattress and promoted a sale to celebrate this year’s 15th anniversary since attacks against the Twin Towers.

The video is by Miracle Mattress, located here in San Antonio, their idea of a great promotional video. This is indecent and rude. The “apology” is also an act of deceit.

Written by Jenee Lewis on September 8, 2016 in 2016.

The commercial advertised the purchase of mattresses of any size , for the cost of the “twin” dimension.

In the same way, in the video two mattresses were thrown over by two males while one woman yelled.

The same woman concluded the commercial by saying “We are never going to forget the moment.”

The video was removed from the page on Facebook of the retailer after hundreds of users began posting comments about their displeasure at the commercial, claiming it was offensive and in bad taste. off-putting and disgusting.

The video was already being taken by several people who wanted to share the video via social media as a protest against the company.

Miracle Mattress later posted the following apology:

“To everyone who’s witnessed our sale on 9/11. We’re sorry we’ve been offensive to you. Our goal was not to cause harm to anyone. Our staff includes military personnel. Some of our family members have passed through the tragedy of 9/11. We’re a proponent of harmony and peace. We have been generous to the community in San Antonio and want to maintain the image of a business that values and cherishes people. We would like you to have the courage to apologize to us. We sincerely apologize for our mistakes.”

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